Fostering innovation for high-impact solutions

ILO Just Energy Transition Innovation Challenge

The energy sector powers economies and sustains jobs. Still, 85% of the world's energy mix comes from fossil fuels. Clearly, such a shift cannot be handled through business as usual. We need innovative and collaborative approaches. Therefore, the ILO will be launching its first ever Just Energy Transition Challenge in December, 2021.

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How will we respond to future challenges?

The challenges of connecting decent work and climate change are complex. They cannot be solved with linear problem-solving processes. Stakeholders cannot succeed alone.

Delivering a just transition requires a vision-oriented network of innovators ready to develop responses that break with business-as-usual.

That’s where the Just Transition Innovation Facility comes in.

What is the Just Transition Innovation Hub?

The Innovation Hub provides a space to source high-potential ideas and turn them into effective scalable solutions.

It will rely on multidisciplinary approaches and leverage a diversity of perspectives from a spectrum of stakeholders. It will dive into challenges and identify high potential solutions, strengthening them to deliver impact.

News and Stories

Find out what is happening and hear the voices of those engaged in a just transition. The initiative amplifies important messages about decent work and a just transition as key drivers of climate action.

April 27, 2023
Identification sign of the Centro Luz en Casa de Chichica, one of the user centres of the Luz en Casa Ngäbe Buglé Programme.

Innovation challenge: Energy access and social inclusion

ACCIONA Microenergía Panamá is one of the three winners of the ILO Just Energy Transition Innovation challenge. The proposal of ACCIONA Microenergía Panamá seeks to link sustainable energy to economic and social inclusion.
March 14, 2023

Climate Action for Jobs initiative boosts action to support a just transition

Building on the outcomes of the UN climate change conference, members of the Climate Action for Jobs initiative welcomed new board members and discussed ways to scale up support and collaboration to advance a just transition towards environmentally sustainable economies and societies.
December 1, 2022
Transportation by pirogue. Region of Mawlamyaingyun, Myanmar.

Blog: Climate action is about people, not just numbers

Central to “leaving no one behind” is ensuring that workers in high-carbon sectors have every opportunity to transition to jobs in the new green economy.