Green Jobs for Youth Pact

Accelerating young talent and skills for green jobs

Joining forces for global challenges

As a legacy initiative of the International Meeting of Stockholm+50 in June 2022, UNEP, ILO and UNICEF have joined forces to develop a 'Green Jobs for Youth Pact'.

ILO, UNEP, and UNICEF will work along their member states, employers, workers organizations and educators to tackle the youth and green jobs deficit based through three tracks on: Employment and entrepreneurship, Environmental education, Empowerment and youth partnerships to make the transition to a low-carbon, circular and nature positive economy.

Our goal

This ambitious and unique partnership works with and for young people to take action to address the green skills gap in developing countries, focusing on sectors that are vulnerable to climate change and pushing for systemic change that benefits people, the planet, and prosperity.

The main goal is to increase commitments and speed up action to create green jobs for young people, strengthen the business and policy frameworks for sustainable economic growth, strengthen and develop green businesses, and close the skill gap necessary to reap benefits for the environment, society, and the climate in a way that encourages more and better jobs for young people.

Our targets

  • Create 1 million new green jobs with existing employers, with a particular focus on young women; through policy development, entrepreneurship, social dialogue, and enterprise development

  • Assist in the greening of 1 million existing jobs; through the greening of businesses, upskilling of workers, and training of new young talent

  • 10,000 young green entrepreneurs set up sustainable businesses with an estimated employment multiplier effect of 10 jobs created per start-up after 5 years.

Meaningful youth engagement

A Youth Advsiroy Group will bring youth front and centre for the initiative. The Advisory Group will support the active partnership with young people in the Pact, in particular those most climate vulnerable, and shape the design and implementation of the Pact across all output areas. The Youth Advisory Group represent a group of youth of great importance to the Pact, including climate and environment advocates, students, workers' and employers' organisations. This is the members' list of the Youth Advisory Group.

A quick intro to the Pact